Inspiration for Monday, March 14

lucas quote

What are you focused on right now? What is the reality that you’ve created for yourself? What is the reality you would like to create for yourself?

I’m a person who often gets carried away by big dreams and big goals. I start off with a lot of momentum but when that doesn’t get me where I’d like, or my wheels get stuck in the mud I start focusing on the mud and being stuck. I start focusing on how my life isn’t where I want it to be yet, and upset because I don’t know the steps in between to get myself there.

Finishing my first novel was a huge step for me. It was not only exciting to have a completed novel, it was exciting because it told me that I could do it. I could actually finish this large goal I’d set for myself and wanted to accomplish for most of my life.

I’ve heard that Michelangelo believed his sculptures were finished already, but that he had to cut away the marble to reveal them. I feel like a lot of my adult life has been cutting away at the marble to uncover the sculpture hidden inside. I tried different things in order to figure out if they were right for me and when they weren’t I had to learn to cut them loose. It freed up energy to do this because my focus has become sharper and my goals more precise.

One way I’m trying to focus my attention is by creating a career that circles around writing. I’ve worked for the past few months at a restaurant to make some extra cash but now I’m beginning to offer editorial services (under my real name!) for academic writers (since that’s part of my day job) as well as self-publishing fiction authors (since I love fiction!). It’s one more way for me to focus on my fiction career by reserving energy that would otherwise go into other ways to pay my bills. So, if you’re a self-published author, or academic who is seeking a copyeditor or a proofreader, I’d love to talk with you about your manuscript!


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